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No Cost Biz Credit Card Terminals

EMV Compliant Terminals: Wireless,Countertop, Point-of-Sale Plug & Pay Merchant Services. All industries welcome, Next Day Deposits, Interchange+ Pricing.

No Cost Biz Funding Quotes

The Sizl Network provides all types of funding for all businesses. Fast funding time. Excellent credit is not necessary. Funding from $10k - 1 million+ Based on Revenue of Business, not FICO.

Start Up & Business Lines of Credit

A Credit based program that uses Personal Credit to fund a business. No restrictions on usage of funds. Funding from $20k - $250k a fast and effective way to launch or help an existing business.

Business & Consumer Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Debit/PrePaid with Credit Lines from $500 - $500k Build Credit, Add more Credit, and we build Tradelines.

Consumer Funding

No Cost Personal Funding Quote to purchase a Product or Service with funding from $500 - $100,000 Flexible Terms and most credit accepted.

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Our Network offers services in every Financial Industry including: Tradeline Development and Credit Repair.

Our Network of National Banks, Lenders & Payment Processors
empower us to work with any customer or business; anywhere, anytime.

Retail Merchant Services

Our Network provides all of the tools necessary to manage
and control automated payment procedures from a single source.

The Complete Merchant Account

Accept any form of payment customers carry.
  • All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard,Discover, Amex, Diner’s, JCB)
  • Electronic check collection
  • Automated recurring billing
  • Electronic gift card & loyalty card programs
  • Debit card (ATM) acceptance

E-merchant View

Online statements will show where merchant money is
  • Reference transaction data from previous days without time consuming calls to customer service
  • Be alerted of chargebacks more quickly
  • View activity of multiple merchant locations

Debit Direct

Online Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for direct access to checking accounts across USA
  • Single pay collection is as easy as a credit card transaction
  • Payment plans are quickly created with only a one time entry
  • Recurring billing for monthly dues or subscriptions are set up in seconds

Check Verification / Guarantee

Check acceptance made simple
  • Electronic check deposit eliminates time consuming steps, lower costs and avoids returned item fees from merchants bank
  • Recurring billing gives merchant the capability to collect a single amount or recurring payments for billing plans and monthly subscriptions
  • Check representment reduces loss due to non-sufficient funds
  • Daily online reports post returned items and provide client data (name & address), date, and ACH routing information

Gift Cards / Loyalty Cards

Attract new business and lock up repeat customers
  • Program changes are easily made on merchants card terminal
  • Points are tracked in merchant store to drive customers back for more purchases
  • Durable cards are reusable to lower production costs
  • Cards have zero value until merchant activates them for a customer
  • Electronic cards are reliable and tamper proof

ACH Transactions

Efficient payment collection
  • Merchant knows the money will be in their account within 30 days
  • Merchant knows more quickly whether a payment will return as non-sufficient funds
  • Transfer funds to or from 100’s of accounts as easily as 1000’s of accounts as easily as from one when tailored for batch processing
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All of our Credit Card Terminals
are EMV Compliant.

Swipe, dip & key all credit cards.

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Merchant Internet Solutions

E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Online shopping technology made easy
  • Build a store in minutes
  • No hardware or software purchase required
  • Accept credit cards & checks online
  • Setup memberships and monthly fees with automated billing
  • Online order tracking and customer service provided to merchant customers
  • Valuable reports include: invoice register and product sales

Virtual Terminal

Internet based card and check terminal
  • Real-time, online, secure credit card authorizations
  • Automatic recurrent billing for repayment plans or monthly subscriptions
  • Complete transaction reports
  • Fraud prevention assistance
  • Invoicing print-outs
  • Perform credits, returns and voids


Online check acceptance
  • Allows merchant to reach the vast non-credit card carrying population that continues to exist today
  • Customers who are reluctant to give credit card information on the internet will appreciate an alternative way to purchase from merchant
  • Perform NSF collections as though merchant was sitting in the check writer’s bank

Recurring Billing

Setup once and payments are automatic
  • Merchant is in control of when they get money from their customers
  • No sending of invoicing or other docs
  • Customers bank statement serves as merchants invoice

Fraud Protection

Real time negative filtering
  • Alerts merchant to recent chargebacks and/or retrievals through access to the largest consolidated merchant base (over 1 million merchants) that tracks chargebacks data
  • Verifies the cardholder’s address and zip code to ensure that the info is valid; significantly cutting shipping errors and fraud attempts down to a minimum

Custom eCommerce Solution

Any online application that moves money
  • Tailored website creation
  • Hosting of your private domain
  • Complete merchant processing account for credit cards and checks
  • Secure shopping cart presenting 50-50,000 products with images
  • Online eCheck processing - validates and processes “electronic checks” online in real time
  • Online UPS/Fedex Shipping - special freight rate table calculations
  • and more...
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The Sizl Network empowers us to say “yes” to many more people.

Harness the power of the Sizl Network for your business needs. Learn More

Business Funding Services

Our Network provides all Business & Consumer Lending
Here are a few examples:

Revenue Loans

($10k - 2 mill)

Equipment Leasing

($10k - $500k)

UBLOC Program

(Unsecured Business Lines of Credit) ($10k - $150k+)

Tradeline Development

($20k - 1 mill)

Startup Loans

($25k - $600k)

SBA Express Loans

($25k - $600k)

Interested in Consumer Financing or Credit Cards for Products & Services?

Use the Sizl Network to Finance your Product or Service.

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