Bringing Wall Street to Main Street.

Sizl, a Referral and Funding Application is powered by the Sizl Network; a network of hundreds of banks, lenders and
payment processors throughout the United States. Giving access to Business and Consumer financial services like never
before. Sizl allows users to refer businesses or consumers whom might be in need of Business or Consumer Funding,
Credit Cards and/or Merchant Services and in return can earn Referral Commission when approved and funded.

Think of Sizl as the Neighborhood Watch for Leads–allowing the most non-financially versed person to monetize accessible
information and refer that data to Sizl’s proprietary Network of specialized business & consumer services. Sizl’s free
referral application takes referrals to a new level, the ease of use to submit information is second to none. The average
time to submit a Sizl is 49 seconds, to possibly make $500 +/- on a $50,000 submission. The referral commission structure
is very attractive and highly lucrative, when the time that it takes to submit a Sizl is taken into consideration. Sizl is one
of the best business opportunities for the everyday person with limited time; available on the marketplace.

When the Sizl Network of qualified specialists receive the data a no-cost review is made as to procure the transaction
and forward it to the proper Service Provider for Business or Consumer Services.

Sizl empowers the average person, seasoned Sales veterans and large companies the ability to access more financial
opportunities and approvals within the industries that would normally not be accessible.

    Our Leadership and Visionaries.

  • Daniel DeVoreFounder & C.E.O.

    Since 2005, Daniel DeVore, C.E.O. and Founder of Sizl has been dedicated to the payment-processing industry. Daniel DeVore has continually been recognized for delivering cutting-edge product and service offerings, and out-of-the-box development, i.e., Sizl. Daniel DeVore resides in Los Angeles and has offices throughout Southern California. Daniel DeVore graduated from U.C.L.A.’s environmental program headed by Professor Dr. Eugene Tseng, Director of Environmental Studies, U.C.L.A.

    Daniel DeVore has designed national marketing campaigns, from presentations in-house to field applications; from agents to companies. He is responsible for starting numerous Merchant Service companies for over 10 years, with accounts from every industry. Daniel DeVore has over 20 years of sales and management experience and has consulted Fortune 500 companies for their direct sales campaigns. He will identify and capture new markets, design and architect management at all levels, he will handle tactical and strategic development to achieve company goals.

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