Benefits of the Sizl
Network Leasing Program.

Leasing provides many benefits, but the most important is better cash flow for your company.
With little in the way of up-front costs–leasing is easier and faster than bank financing.

  • Conserve Capital /Keep Your Reserves

    Leasing converves your working capital by
    requiring usually just the first and last
    payment. This frees your working capital
    for other profit generating activities or

  • Keep Bank Lines of Credit Available

    Leasing preserves your bank lines of credit so
    that you are ready if a business opportunity or
    unexpected demand for cash occurs.

  • Tax Advantages / Large Deductions

    Leasing allows you a “dollar for dollar”
    write off of the lease rental payments.
    The depreciation advantage of ownership
    is far less attractive when compared to

  • 100% Financing of Product / Equipment

    Leasing provides 100% financing. Consulting,
    maintenance, freight, installation and training
    costs, may be included in the lease.

  • No Obsolete Equipment

    Leasing affords you the opportunity to
    add-on, upgrade or replace obsolete

  • Custom Tailored to Business Needs

    Leasing can be tailored to fit your budget
    requirements. At the end of the lease term,
    you will have the option of purchasing the
    equipment, re-leasing equipment or returning
    the equipment to the Lessor.

Over 1/3 of all acquired
equipment in the U.S. is leased.

Contact us to learn more or to start your leasing program today.

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Leasing is the
Sensible Solution
for Your Business.

Leasing is an affordable way to acquire
equipment quickly without huge out of
pocket expenses

Through the Sizl Network we can assist your business with all your leasing needs.

Why not benefit now rather than wait
until you have the cash on hand. Even if
you have the reserves, spreading the cost
evently will free up your hard earned
money and keep your assets where they
belong…with your business.

Equipment leasing is a great way to get
the business gear that your company
needs to grow.

What can you lease? Just about any hard
asset, from computers to furniture to
heavy machinery to restaurant equipment,
even on Start-ups!

Over 85% of Merchant Applicants
are approved. Money made simple.

The Sizl Network offers 100% financing for remodel, reimage, and refreshing business concepts with 3+
years’ time in business. This can include 50% equipment and 50% construction cost over 24-60 month terms.
Fast approvals and funding with no cost or obligation quote.

    • Restaurants
    • Fitness
    • Automotive
    • Hospitality
    • Spa
    • Salon
    • Restoration
    • Retail
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Titled Vehicles
    • I.T.
    • 24-48 Hour Approvals / Responses
    • Tax Deductible
    • 24-60 Month Terms
    • Build Business Credit / Tradeline Development
    • 100% Financing
    • Low Fixed Monthly Payment
    • No Personal Collateral
    • Simple Documentation
    • Preserve Capital for Business
    • Off Balance Sheet Financing
    • Kitchen Equipment
    • Furniture, Fixtures/Millwork
    • POS Systems (software/hardware)
    • Inventory
    • Business Improvements
    • Service Costs
    • Signage (Interior/Exterior)
    • Vehicles (New or Used)
    • Gym Equipment
    • And more…just ask!
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