Consumer Financing

Our Network provides all Business & Consumer lending.

Loan Amounts

Loan amounts currently range from $500 – $100,000 and used to Purchase Consumer Products or Services.

Low Fees

With our Nework we are able to secure financing with low fees dependent upon final funding amount and credit.

Interest Rates

Our Network is able to provide competitive interest rates and terms for Customers dependent upon final funding amount and credit.

Loan Terms

Loan terms can range from 12-60 months and are dependent upon final approved funding amount and credit.

Fast Funding

Customers can usually expect to be notified if they are approved within 5-7 days of the submission and Our Network works to secure funding fast for those approved.

Funding Reasons

Financing to Purchase essential items, luxury items, essential service items like medical services & working capital / cash to Purchase Products & Services.

Simple & Fast Consumer Funding
from $500 - $100,000

  • A simple & fast funding process

    You can receive a decision within 1-2 days and funding of $500 to $100,000 as soon as 5-7 business days.

  • Use the funds as you choose

    Use the funds to Purchase a Consumer Product or Service. Purchase essential items, luxury items, essential service items like medical services & working capital.

  • Our lenders like to say “yes”

    We only broker for transparent, top-rated, and quick-turnaround customer lenders.

  • Focused on getting Customers Approved

    Funds are either wired or ACH deposited into the referral’s bank account, Automatic micro-payments begin thereafter.

Do you qualify?

The minimum qualifications of our lenders are less intensive than those
of traditional banks. We focus on getting you quick approval & fast funding.

  • Time at Job

    4+ Months
    is best

  • Location

    All 50 States

  • Personal Credit

    500+ Score

  • Annual Income

    In the Past 12 Months

  • Industry

    Most Products or Services Approved

Why Sizl?

Sizl identifies and refers only the most reputable lenders.
We provide loans faster than a traditional bank with less intensive qualifications.
The Sizl Network works with all credit types.

  • More Approvals

    Typically up to 25-50% more approvals.

  • Fast App & Funding

    Decision in a few days, funding as quickly as a few weeks.

  • Automatic Payment

    Regular fixed payments mean no worrying about large end-of-month obligations.

The Power of the Sizl Network.

The Sizl Network works in conjunction with hundreds of National Banks, Lenders and Payment Processors in which Sizl refers Business and Consumer Solutions to all Customers and Credit Types.

With the Sizl Network turn declines into approvals and add additional revenue streams.

Patent P 62/440,721

How the Sizl Lending Network Compares?
The Sizl Network Most Banks Credit Card Advances
Fast Funding
Transparent Rates & Fees
Minimal Amount of Paperwork
Builds Business Credit
Value Cash Flow,Not Just Credit Score
Repeat Customer Benefits
Lenders Provide World Class Customer Service with A+ Ratings
  • What is the Price of the Funding?Sizl Network customer funding is simple and transparent. You will be shown a funding amount and a total cost for that money.The Big Banks may disclose an “interest rate”, but rarely share the total cost of the loan. The Sizl Network will show you how much you can receive, and what the total payback will be.*Note: Your funding size, term & rate will be based on our lender’s analysis of your credit as well as your history with creditors and other loans, if applicable.Patent P 62/440,721
Get Funded Today

Start Your Financing Today?

Four Simple Steps to Get Financing

  • 1

    Customer Pre-Qualification

    Complete the online form by clicking below or submit via the Sizl Smartphone App. We will review and match with the best lender. We will then contact the referral to discuss available options, answer questions, and complete a 1-page application.
  • 2

    Complete 1-Page App

    Complete the simple application which will provide our lenders with more personal and financial details about your referral. They will Submit a few necessary documents.
  • 3

    Submit a Few Docs

    To verify the application and secure approval, we request a few credit and personal documents.
  • 4

    Receives Your Funds

    Funds are either wired or ACH deposited into the referral’s bank account, Automatic micro-payments begin thereafter.
Get Funded Today

The Sizl Network empowers us
to say “yes” to many more people.

Our Network works with all credit types.

Get Funding Started

Consumer financing adds a
powerful tool to your portfolio.

Our Network has hundreds of lending partners integrated into our platform
so obtaining financing for Customers with great credit to no credit is a piece of cake.

Increase Sales &
Close more Deals.

Our Consumer finance program should be looked at as a powerful add on to your existing Sales and Marketing portfolio. Increase sales by referring or marketing financing options to attract more customers to your business and use the Sizl Network to enhance your existing programs.

Enhance your
Products & Services.

By referring or marketing Consumer funding to Customers to purchase your Products & Services you will attract new customers and achieve better conversion rates. Referring customers eliminate the focus on total price, and shifts the focus to quick access and affordability. By leading with financing, you’ll make your product more affordable with low monthly payments. Shifting your focus away from total price and maximize your approvals.

Attract new

Use the Sizl Network to Refer or Market Consumer Financing that has affordable monthly payment options in conjunction with your “buy today” sales price. By referring a low monthly payment, you’re appealing to those customers who can’t afford the total cash price of your product or service today. Use the Sizl Network as a marketing tool to drive more customers to your biz.

Stand out from
the Competition.

Use the Sizl Network as a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Refer or Market your customers a compelling solution by providing them financing to purchase their product or service. Along with a low, affordable, fixed monthly payment. Let your customers know that Our Network can approve a wide variety of credit profiles–from great to no credit.

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