Eliminate up to 90% of
Total Card Processing Costs!

Join other Business Owners throughout the U.S. who have eliminated most
of their monthly Card Processing fees by using the new, approved & compliant Cash Discount Program.

How It Works

Cash Discount Program

• Applied equally to Credit & Debit
transactions the same
• Fee amount can be a percentage
of the transaction amount,
a flat fee or a combination of both

For example: Transactions < $X.XX get charged
a flat fee and > $X.XX get charged a percent

Save $100's and $1,000's
a Month for Your Business!

Program Features

Cash Discount Payment Terminals

• EMV Compliant, Wireless Terminals
Touch Screen, WiFi

• All-in-One P.O.S. Systems Available
with Printer & Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

• Restaurant EMV Tip Adjust Post Authorization

• Built-in Loyalty Program

Chains &
Franchises Welcome

The Cash Discount program is designed to encourage customers to pay your credit card fees or cash.
A small service charge is applied to all sales using a credit or debit card paid by customers.

Save $100's to $1,000's a Month in Fees.
Save $1,000's a Year in Fees!

Start $aving Now

Easily educate your Customers
about the Service Fees.

As in incentive for customers we now provide a discount to pay with cash or check by giving an immediate discount on the service charge.

Personalized Stickers & Signs

Large & Small Merchant Locations
have cut their Card Processing costs by 90%

If you are Paying more than $75 a Month
in Credit Card Processing Fees...

You are Paying too much!

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